What are the new rules for casual employees in Australia?

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Downloadable 29 page guide – get the complete free guide to the new rules for casual employees, as well as five brand new template letters for employers to use with the new casual conversion provisions. Federal Parliament has amended the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) in order to address the difficulties that have been created around casual … Read More

What is effective performance management?

13/11/2020By marketingHR Insights

Have you ever purchased a smart watch and instantly become motivated to hit exercise targets? Right before bed you are walking around the house just to hit your 10,000 steps? Many of us have been there, and it is a lesson on the power of effective performance management and goal setting in the business world … Read More

Employee onboarding checklist template

24/09/2020By marketingResources

This downloadable and free employee onboarding checklist template is designed to help employers get prepared in the lead up to an employee’s first day at work. It includes many of the key tasks to complete and documents to prepare before their arrival. However, being a manual checklist it doesn’t include any of the really cool … Read More

What Is HR Analytics? Definition and Importance.

14/08/2020By marketingHR Insights

Human resources a people centric function. But it is more than just limited to a supportive role for employees as well as writing job descriptions and onboarding new hires. Modern HR teams leveraging the latest cloud HR technology should align with the broader strategic goals of the business and play a role in achieving positive … Read More

What are the best HR Conferences in Australia?

10/08/2020By marketingHR Insights

Are you a networking machine, or an absolute information absorber? Well HR conferences in Australia must be your best friend! If you are none of these, just a leader in the HR industry, then you should be attending these things anyway. So to make life easy, we have compiled a list of the top 5 … Read More

Become an HR guest blogger

06/08/2020By marketingWorknice News

Build your personal brand in the HR industry. There are HR professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. So share your insights alongside other HR professionals by becoming an HR guest blogger on Worknice’s Human Resources blog. HR Guest Blogger Guidelines If you’re interested in writing a guest blog for Worknice’s blog, you’ve come to … Read More

What is the Whistleblower Policy in Australia?

04/08/2020By marketingHR Insights

What is the new whistleblower policy in Australia? In March 2019, the Australian Federal Government passed its new whistleblower legislation. As a result, Australian business need to have a whistleblower policy. It is designed to ensure that people have the ability to remain anonymous when they report on people or businesses involved in unethical or … Read More

Communication in the Workplace

01/08/2020By marketingHR Insights

Why is communication in the workplace important?   Communication in the workplace is important for companies to work efficiently with productive and happy employees. Hey, the same can be said about every facet of life! For example, if I don’t communicate clearly with my 18 month old son (beyond the verbal), I have a tantrum … Read More

SaaS vs On premise HR software

19/07/2020By marketingHR Insights

If you’re looking to let your your inner nerd go wild and learn everything there is to know about modern day software options, then bam – you are in the right place! This blog will immerse that inner nerd into the world of comparing SaaS vs On premise HR software. Oh, and we threw in-house HR … Read More