Simplify HR &
Ignite Culture.

HR software that does more than simplify process - activate an incredible employee experience at all stages of the lifecycle.

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A modern HR solution that puts people first and ignites culture

Simplify and scale

We set you free from the complicated and time consuming HR systems and process. Consolidate your core HR requirements into the one simple to use platform, and leverage the latest in process efficiency technology so you can get back to what you do best - growing and scaling the business.

Turn chaos into clarity

Worknice collects and organises all the information you gather throughout the employee life cycle, then helps you use it to achieve great things. Combine real-time data with the latest in reporting and insights to help focus your most important asset—your people.

Ignite culture & engagement

Do more to create a high performance business. Leverage the latest in HR technology to keep your employees firing on all cylinders. Ignite, preserve and scale a performance culture that is bound to attract the right type of people and drive growth and engagement in the business.

Every tool you need to manage HR in one place

One system to look after your team from their first day to their last.


First days are too important to spend scrambling for paperwork or rushing through introductions. Worknice helps you collect and share the info you need before a new hire’s start date so every first day can be a great one.

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Payroll Integration

Worknice plays nice with leading payroll platforms. Integrations into market leading payroll and rostering platforms allow you to streamline data entry during onboarding and provide a place employees can quickly and easily access payment information.

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Employee Records

Maintain all your employment records online in one place with Worknice. Collect and store employee on-boarding information, e-sign documents, track job and compensation information over time and more. Ditch the paper forms and start managing your employee data with a dynamic, intuitive HR system.

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Time off Management

Manage everything about holidays, sick leave and more using Worknice. Employees can log-in and request time off dates, and managers can approve or reject. Worknice will automatically calculate employee balances and accruals based on custom rules you set up for your company.

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Engagement & surveys

Give your employees a platform for ongoing feedback. Use real-time analytics to understand employees’ attitudes and perceptions.

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Performance Management

Worknice enables you to collect better employee performance data with significantly less effort. Our platform has a variety of performance modules that will change the way you manage your team -- from 360 degree reviews to employee surveys to goal tracking and more.

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Attract and keep talent through an added benefit offering. Lifestyle perks including cinema, retail, and travel discounts.


Spend your time acting on data, not pulling it all together. Worknice lets you easily visualise key HR and payroll reports and share them with executives and stakeholders in just one click.

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We Have a Passion for Success

People are the key to workplace excellence. We set out to give HR teams the knowledge and time to work with people so they can build the kind of culture, systems, and people practices that help organisations be better at what they do. Through simple and modern technology, we give your employees the power to help themselves, they feel more valued and capable as contributors.  That’s what makes us different.

If you have the questions, we have the answers!

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