Create an ‘instagramable’ first impression

Streamline the onboarding process and set your new starters up for success right from the very beginning.

Worknice employee onboarding software helps you easily build great pre-boarding & employee onboarding experiences that eliminate paperwork and manual process, while improving employee experience and productivity from day one. With our easy to use onboarding wizard you can adapt process & workflows, assign due dates for tasks, documents and courses, send automated reminders, and report on organisational metrics like time to productivity.

Why you will love our employee onboarding software

Streamline the onboarding process

Stay efficient as you grow and scale. Leverage Worknice to create effortless and consistent onboarding journeys that shed manual provisioning tasks and automate back office admin. 


Ignite culture from the first day

Retain your talent by starting them off on the right foot. Give new joiners a feel for your company and culture before their first day with a seamless digital onboarding experience that drives engagement from the off.


Ensure compliance from day one

Create compliance confidence with Worknice. We combine the latest technology with a library of up-to-date compliant contracts, policies and HR documents to ensure compliance is on top form.


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Streamline the onboarding process

Save time and ensure compliance in one go with a structured and automated employee onboarding software. Let Worknice do the heavy lifting so your new hires can spend their first days with more time for the fun stuff like getting to know teammates and kicking early goals.

Online documents and e-signature

Send contracts, offers, and documentation for review and e-signature. Choose from a pre-populated library or create something new.

Seamless payroll setup

Kill double handling. Automatically send employee details, salary information, bank account details, tax & super info into your payroll system.

Automate the day one setup

Tech requests, uniform orders, ID badges, business cards – Make equipment and services requests a breeze with scheduled tasks, checklists and automated reminders.

Collect employee information with ease

Collect data with ease via a paperless experience. Simply send new hires a link and have them enter information, sign contracts, upload certificates and more through a simple online interface.

Ignite culture from day one

Attract top talent and retain them for longer with phenomenal first impressions. With average employee lifecycles on the decline, a well-structured onboarding program that showcases your company culture is more essential than ever. 

Deliver engaging content

Virtual office tours, team intro videos or interactive communications – seamlessly embed rich content and deliver it for an amazing experience.

Instigate human connections

Reduce those first day jitters! Introduce new hires to your company, culture, and team before and after they join to set them up for success.

Zero friction, 100% convenience

Worknice is built to impress today’s modern workforce: Mobile-first, amazing UI, and everything new hires need in the one spot.

Create an instagrammable first day

Ask personal questions like favourite coffee during the onboarding flow, and then have that exact coffee waiting for them when they arrive.

Ensure compliance from day one

Create compliance confidence with Worknice. We combine the latest technology with a library of up-to-date compliant contracts, policies and HR documents for you to use in your business to make sure your HR compliance is on top form - from the moment new starters walk through the door.

Automated task reminders & follow-up.

Set and forget. Ensure tasks get done and don't fall through the cracks. Create accountability to task completion with automated reminders, follow-up and overdue notices.

Smart, compliant contracts out of the box

Ensure compliance from day 1. Access to a compliant contract library that meet all Australian national employment standards

Keep on top of licences, permits & training

Keep on top of employee compliance requirements such as licenses and permits. Automated assignment and expiry alerts ensures nothing falls through the cracks during onboarding - and beyond.

Access to compliant policies & procedures

Access a library of compliant HR policies and procedures to ensure you meet national employment standards - all written and maintained by experts.

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Onboarding everyone will love

WOW your new hires

Don't just educate your newbies - knock their socks off. Create an impressive and productive first experience right from the word go.

Empower managers to be onboarding rockstars

Your newbie's manager is key to onboarding success. Empower managers and ensure action with subtle and timely virtual nudges.

Design your perfect new hire process

Create your perfect onboarding process once and trigger it over and over again. No more time consuming manual admin!

If you have the questions, then we have the answers!

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