Ensure compliance from day one

You’ve hired a new employee for your organisation. You ensure there is a desk set up, you rummage through the dusty supply closet to gather all of the necessities, grab some swag items, try and find a spare HDMI cable and remind yourself of the new hire tasks that still needs to be completed. The time is finally here! Your new hire will arrive tomorrow morning, probably early, and your onboarding process must be ready to go for them. But have you taken steps to ensure employee compliance during the employee onboarding process?

With such an emphasis on experience in today’s culture-driven market, your new employee will have high expectations for their first day. Individuals have now come to expect a well oiled, cohesive and ‘instagrammable’ employee onboarding experience. As an HR professional or business owner, you want to provide this seamless movement from one to another. However, you also have other items to consider to ensure compliance.

It is super important to comply with laws around wages, sick time-off, maternity leave, equal opportunity, and more. As the HR leader of your business, it can be challenging to know which laws and which ever-changing legislation are relevant to your business and the new hire now joining.

How to ensure compliance during the employee onboarding process

Lock in process with onboarding technology

Set your compliant onboarding process up the first time, and make sure it happens every time. Employee onboarding software will help you ensure tasks get done and don’t fall through the cracks. Create accountability to task completion with automated reminders, follow-up and overdue notices.

Get access to smart, compliant contracts created by HR lawyers

Ensure compliance from the outset with contracts that match your business and hires. After that, ensure you have access to a compliant contracts in an online library mean that you get constant updates as laws and legislation changes.

Keep on top of important licences, permits & training

Reduce your risk of compliance breeches by automating the rental and expiry alerts of employee compliance requirements such as licenses and permits. Likewise automating assignment and expiry alerts ensures nothing falls through the cracks during onboarding – and beyond.

Access to compliant policies & procedures

Access a library of compliant HR policies and procedures to ensure you meet national employment standards – all written and maintained by experts.

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