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Empower employees to take an active role in their growth and transform the performance review process into a holistic, flexible experience.

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When employee performance reviews happen once a year, they focus on the past rather than looking forward and establishing clear actions for performance improvement. Worknice performance management software encourages action while limiting subjectivity and speculation. The result? Higher engagement, more accurate reflections of employee performance, and more chances to address problems now and in the future.

Why you will love Worknice's performance management software

Run seamless review cycles

Save time and headaches with review automation that takes the workload off your hands. Simply select questions and participants, then click launch. We’ll send reminders, collect responses, and notify you when reviews are complete.


Empower growth with goals

Optimise your organisation's performance by setting clear, attainable goals for employees as part of their growth plan.


Drive continuous improvement with Check-ins

Frequent check-ins help managers remove roadblocks and give in-the-moment coaching to their direct reports. Worknice makes it easy to run continuous feedback cycles in between reviews.


Build a strong culture through feedback & praise

Worknice makes it easy for all of your employees to acknowledge each other and give praise that celebrates wins with the whole company.

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Run seamless review cycles

Seamlessly launch 360-degree reviews

360-degree reviews enrich the quality of your assessments by gathering feedback from the managers and peers your employees interact with the most.

Automate reminders and alerts

Worknice automatically sends timely reminder emails to employees who haven’t completed their reviews.

Easily customise to fit your organisation

Easily run 360° manager, peer, and employee-self reviews. You control the questions, participants and timelines. You can even create your own peformance measurements.

Backed by expert question set templates

Save time by using our pre-built question sets, crafted by HR experts.

Look up historical reviews in an instant

Want to scan historical performance data in an instant? Scroll through historical performance reviews, goals, and 1 on 1s in the employee database timeline view.

Empower growth with goals

Create actionable employee growth plans

Establish goals and growth plans to help employees progress and achieve

Keep employees in synch with their managers

Always ensure employees and managers are on the same page with clear, measureable goals.

Align your orgnisation

Keep employee goals aligned with the organisation's. It can be easy for teams to loose sight of company goals and waste time doing tasks that aren't high priority.

Create accountability

Make sure actionable plans don't get forgotten and slip through the cracks. Set deadlines for actions, and Worknice will automate reminders and overdue alerts.

Drive continuous improvement with Check-ins

Set clear talking points

Before every 1:1 meeting both employee and manager will have time to review the talking points to ensure a productive 1:1

Customise cadence

Set the timing of 1:1s to match your schedule, and change the time when necessary.

Build a strong culture through feedback & praise

Share great work on the praise wall

Praise is most effective when it’s public. Show everyone in your team the most praiseworthy work and highlight your values.

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More features packed into our performance management software

Expert review templates

Customisable review templates

Flexible Review Structures

Automate reminders and alerts

Easily track employee goals

Praise Wall

Manage employee check-ins

Employee database timeline stamp

Anonymous reviews

Export review and goals

Set deadlines against actions

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