Spend less time on time off

Spend way less time tracking employee leave. Employees make requests, managers approve them - Worknice takes care of the rest

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Make requesting and approving leave a breeze

Say goodbye to requests falling through the cracks. With Worknice you can make requesting time off simple (with no approval required) or support a multi-step approval structure.

Easily request time-off from anywhere
Quickly review requests for approval
Configurable workflow approvals

Simplify time off tracking

Keep your eye on the big picture with visibility into leave balances, department overlaps and leave balances

Full visibility of your team
Easily avoid overlaps and overages
Seamless payroll integration

Keep track of your remote workforce

Easily see who is working from home
Manage expections with work from home days
Keep employees connected

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Time-off Management Software Features

Request leave

Leave Approvals

Payroll Integration

Remote Work Logging

Alerts and reminders


Centralised Task management

Employee Self Service

Custom permissions

Custom questions

Workflows & Approvals

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