Take the pain out of payroll

Ensure the critical employee data in Worknice is prepared and ready for your payroll system of choice. Configured for Xero out of the box.

By the time you’ve double, then triple-checked that your critical employee data is correctly added into payroll, it can feel like you’re trapped inside an endless loop of data—and no matter what, there’s still that feeling of panic right after you hit “Submit.” It doesn't have to be that way. Worknice simplifies and accelerates the way you connect your HRIS to payroll to save you time, give you the confidence that critical data is up to date, and preserve your sanity, all at once.

Why you will love integrating Worknice to your payroll

Scale with confidence with seamless payroll integration

Stay efficient as you grow and scale. Leverage Worknice to provision effortless and consistent payroll data collection and ongoing maintenance. Shed manual admin and create a platform to scale in one or more locations.

Ensure compliance now and as things change

Create compliance confidence with Worknice. We combine leading HR technology with payroll to help you save time, reduce headaches, and possibly save money on penalties that would have been levied for non-compliance.


Empower your managers and employees

Empower employees with a single online portal to take an active role tracking their own pay records, employment history and time off. Worknice pulls the important information out of payroll and makes it accessible and digestible.


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Scale with confidence with seamless payroll integration

Worknice is a global platform that can collect the right payroll information for any jurisdiction in the world. Configured for Australian businesses out of the box.

Automate user setup in payroll

Kill double handling and collect all the right information - first time, every time. Automatically send employee details, salary information, bank account details, tax & super info from Worknice into your payroll system.

Scale across multiple locations

Worknice is a global platform that can collect the right payroll information for any jurisdiction in the world. Configured for Australian businesses out of the box

Collect payroll information digitally

Collect data like Australian tax declarations with ease via a paperless experience. Simply send new hires or existing employees a link and have them enter payroll information through a simple online interface.

Continuous data syncing

Deep payroll integration means less double entry. Once entered and approved in Worknice, most info syncs automatically so you spend less time punching in numbers.

Actionable reporting

Powerful reports available when you need them. With integrated HRIS and payroll, you can pool relevant data together to glean actionable insights

Ensure compliance now and as things change

Worknice technology can add layers of checks and verification to ensure complaince and accuracey in payroll. Ensure that your people get paid the right amount on time, wherever they are in the world

Check and verify payroll changes

Ensure continued compliance by creating a structured process to check and verify important payroll information changes.

Change approvals

Run payroll with absolute confidence by layering in approvals so nothing slips through the cracks. Important changes to pay information are approved and synched with your payroll platform.

Historical change tracking

Lock historical payroll changes into Worknice and out of the memories of administrators. Sometimes you need to roll back to previous payroll data, such as when an employee returns from extended maternity leave.

One source of truth for all payroll data

With Worknice managing the data you need to run payroll, you can feel confident that when you make an update, the right data is automatically included in payroll.

Empower your managers and employees


One system for employees

Employees can access all their payroll information like pay slips and direct deposit accounts right in Worknice.

Employee self service

Worknice creates a self service portal your employees can use to add and change required payrol information.

Let teams manage themselves

Give managers the insights and tools to evaluate payroll related information and answer questions for their teams.

Access to compliant policies & procedures

Access a library of compliant HR policies and procedures to ensure you meet national employment standards - all written and maintained by experts.

The power of actionable insights with integration

Connecting your HRIS software to payroll platform opens up powerful insights and alerting capability. Know exactly where you stand on everything payroll without having to go digging for it.

Combine payroll and HRIS data

Create custom reports that provide a clear picture of what's happening in your workforce and business.

Insightful reports out of the box

Access over 10 out of the box payroll reports that help you keep your finger on the pulse of payroll compliance, performance, and changes.

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Payroll Integration Features

XERO integration

2-way sync

Change approval


Alerts and reminders


Centralised Task management

Employee Self Service

Custom permissions

Xero Integration

Custom fields

Workflows & Approvals

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